The Plantagenet’s

The Origin of “PLANTAGENET”

Geoffrey Plantagenet Tomb plaque

Tomb Plaque of Geoffrey Plantagenet – Count of Anjou

Geoffrey, Count of Anjou (France) (1113 – 1151) – (27th Great Grandfather of Carolyn Booth) – ( on Plantagenet Line)

Geoffrey V liked to wear a sprig of broom in his hat. Broom is known as planta genesta in Latin, genêt in French – which was how come Geoffrey got known as Plantagenet.  He married Henry I’s daughter Matilda (c1102 – 1167 (65)) (widow of Emperor Henry V) in 1127.  She was 11 years older than Geoffrey.

Matilda was Henry I of England’s nominated successor, and went to the west of England to assemble an army to enforce the dead King’s wishes, but she was opposed by her cousin Stephen who after several years of conflict managed to see her off back to Anjou.

Geoffrey and Matilda had three children, the eldest of whom succeeded where Matilda had failed,  and became Henry II of England – the first of the Plantagenet Kings of England, he married Eleanor of Aquitaine, and became ruler of over half of Western Europe and father of Kings Richard and John.

The noble families of the House of Anjou spread across Europe and are usually referred to simply as the Angevins one of the most iconic dynastic names in medieval European history. The ruling kings of England thereafter, Descendents of Geoffrey Count of Anjou became known as the Plantagenet Kings.,-0.55+(Anjou)&ll=47.227029,0.087891&spn=3.099901,8.453979&t=h&z=8

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