General William Booth

William Booth Salvation Army

General William Booth                                   Founder of the Salvation Army

(10 April 1829 – 20 August 1912) –  Descendant of the Ancient Booths 

A British Methodist preacher who founded the salvation army and became its first General. General William Booths story is very well documented and I have listed below sources and links which make for interesting reading.

Although Charles Booth the founder of the Pension and  General William Booth had apparently never met  they probably didn’t even know that they both were related and descendants from the same ancient Booth Families.

It is quite remarkable that both men at the same time in English history had a purpose and determination to abolish poverty and dedicated  a large part of their lives doing so…………………what remarkable people.

In Australia the Salvation Army is held in very high regard as the most charitable organization that work tirelessly for the poor and anyone facing hardship. They offer a large number of relief services without displaying any religious or political favour or discrimination of any kind , a true Charity. It is the single largest Charitable organization in the United States of America.

Salvation Army logo

Most Australians would know the catch phrase “Thank god for the Salvos” and know doubt at some time made a clothing donation to many of the Salvos outlets or  have made a simple gold coin donation to volunteers at shopping centres or have seen the campaigns on TV for donations to help prepare winter clothing packs and Christmas food hampers for the not so well off at their most difficult times.

And we all know about their hugely successful Red shield appeal day, They do a magnificent job, and quietly go about their cause.

What an amazing legacy this man has left us all.

In 2002  general William Booth was named among the 100 Greatest Britons of all time following a UK wide vote.


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