Bob Booth – (Francis James)

Carolyn Booths  – Father

It looks like I may have to start a seperate blog for Francis James (BOB) Booth, Carolyn’s father and dearly loved Grandfather to our children. He has a such a colorful and rich story to tell.

In the meantime I will add a short biography and snippets of his art , his great quotes,  and some anecdotes  from his life and travels, and hopefully stories and gossip from family and friends.

BOB Booth

BOB Booth – photo courtesy Carolyn Booth

“The artist’s mind is full of shit – sure the affluent people will jostle about in Sotheby’s or the Tate Gallery with scandalous hairdo’s, they will posture and verbally vomit on each other about the composition and depth and the meaningful, and all they really want to do is make a buck.” – Bob Booth – artist

Circular Quay- Australia - 1860 Oil Painting By - Francis James -Bob Booth

Circular Quay- Australia – 1860
Oil Painting By – Francis James -Bob Booth

Born in Barraba, New South Wales in 1927, Francis James (Bob) Booth was one of Australia’s most distinguished marine and naval artist. Bob was self taught.

When he enrolled himself into art school,  he was told that he was wasting his time at art school as there was nothing that he could learn from his teachers, and in fact they would be better placed learning from him.

Bob’s early working life was as an illustrator for Readers Digest and he was also contracted to John Sands Publishers and Arnotts Biscuits. His early work can be seen as far back as 1949 on covers for Australian Womens Weekly.

Bob Booths early Australiana oil paintings can be found on a large portfolio of Australian Calendars, Greeting cards, Kitchenware,  and Arnotts promotional biscuit tins of times past.

He was very likely Australias earliest Risque’ calendar girl artist. He must have loved his job.

Bob Booth calendar 1959

Bob Booth calendar 1959

Although “Australiana and Naval” were his regular subjects, He also loved painting his deep passion for African landscapes and wildlife. His works have been exhibited in Mozambique, Rhodesia, South Africa, Noumea, New Guinea and Sydney.

Bob spent many of his later years living in Bundeena, in the Royal National Park  NSW, Australia, where he spent much of his time painting and spending time with his youngest daughter. He was surrounded by fellow artists and good friends like Robert Wilson and Bob Marchant. Bob passed away in Bundeena Australia in 2003.

The loving memories live on after the kind residents and good friends of the seaside village of Bundeena had Bob Booth Lane named and erected in his memory.

He is survived by his four children.


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