Guy De Beauchamp

Seal of Guy de Beauchamp, 10th Earl of Warwick

Guy de Beauchamp                                                Knight,  10th Earl of Warwick

(B. abt.1271 – d.1315 )   – 21st Great Grandfather of Carolyn Booth                                       Guy de Beauchamp, Knight, 10th Earl of Warwick, Baron of Salwarpe, Worcestershire. Hereditary Chamberlain of the Exchequer, hereditary Sheriff of Worcestershire, he was the first son and heir of William de Beauchamp, 9th Earl of Warwick and Maud FitzGeoffrey, daughter of John, Knight of Shere.

Guy was born about 1271 as he was thirty years old in 1301. He first married to Isabel de Clare, daughter of Gilbert de Clare and Alice de Lusignan, but they were separated in 1302, and had no children, and the wedding might never have actually taken place.

In 1309, Guy married Alice de Toeni, daughter of Ralph de Toeni, Lord Toeni of Flamstead by a Mary from Scotland. Alice was the countess of Warwick and a wealthy heiress.

De Beauchamp C of A

They had two sons and five daughters:
Sir Tomas, 3rd Founding Knight of the Garter and 11th Earl of Warwick
John, Lord Beauchamp
Maud married Geoffrey de Say
Emme married Roland de Oddingseles
Isabel married John de Clinton
Elizabeth married Thomas of Astley
Lucy married Roger de Napton

Guy was one of the richest men of his time, next to the Earl of Lancaster, and while remembered for participating in the infamous murder of Piers de Gaveston, he was considered one of Englands greatest Knights,  an intelligent man with exceptional judgement and learning who owned a large library for the era. He served Edward I faithfully, but opposed his son, Edward II and his favorite Earl, Piers Gaveston, 1st Earl of Cornwall.

This particular episode in English history is fascinating…………………………. I  shall give this a  brief and slightly modern interpretation……………………

Piers de Gaviston was  known as the “ Fiddler “…… please note he did not play the violin.  It would seem political correctness has been around for a very long time. It is noted in history that Gaviston was perhaps the lover of King Edward … and everyone at court knew this , so his behavior was only referred to as “Undue”.  I would imagine when you are talking about the Kings best boy , you need to be very careful what you say.

However Guy De Beauchamp one of the most distinguished Knights in English History, unhappy with Gavistons influence over the King, whether undue or not, had successfully arranged for Gaviston to be exiled on a number of occasions and then finally executed.

Perhaps De Beauchamp suffered from Homophobia, but diagnosis of this condition back then was difficult, or maybe they just didn’t like each other. In any case you have to admit Guy De Beauchamp had some major influence and significant importance of his own in order to have the Kings best boy executed and then be pardoned by the King himself. Extraordinary circumstances given the times and the power of the King…. perhaps there is far more intrigue here than we will ever know.

Time line
1296 – Knighted by King Edward I
1298 – had land grants in Scotland previously belonging to Mowbray and others, worth £1000 a year.
22 Jul 1298 – Fought in the King’s Division of the Battle of Falkirk
Sep 1298 – became the Earl of Warwick and High Sheriff of Worcester for life
1299 – Attended Edward’s marriage to Margaret of France
1300 – At the siege of Caerlaverock
1304 – Served under Edward, Prince of Wales at the siege of Stirling Castle.
1307 – Received Edward Balliol’s forfeited Barnard Castle in Durham
07 Jul 1307 – present at Edward’s death in Cumberland
1308 – carried a Sword of State at King Edward II’s coronation
1308 – instrumental in the banishment of Peirs Gaveston and alone opposed his recall 1309
1310 – one of the Lord Ordainers of Reform
Jun 1312 – with the Earl of Pembroke, Aymer de Valance, seized Gaveston at Deddington and took him to Warwick Castle to await the Earl of Lancaster who executed Gaveston without trial on the 19th
1313 – pardoned for Gaveston’s murder
1314 – refused to fight at the Battle of Bannockburn. Edward was forced to bend to the Barons, but Guy withdrew because of illness and died, leaving Lancaster to lead the Barons through the ensuing, unstable years.

His wife would remarry, to  Sir William de Mortimer La Zouche in 1316

Family links:
Parents:                                                                                                                                        William de Beauchamp 1237 -1298  married Maud Fitzjohn Beauchamp 1235 -1301

Sources for further reading:                                                                      ,_10th_Earl_of_Warwick,_1st_Earl_of_Cornwall


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