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Descendant Reports.

This page will have a number of Descendant Reports suitable for printing out and provide a list of each descendant so that further research can be done.

I will try to maintain updates for these reports and will add new lines of descent as I complete them.

Rollo Viking Statue in Falaise

Rollo Viking Statue in Falaise

Rollo Ragnvaldsson The Viking

1st Duke of Nomandy.

21st Great Grandfather of Sir William Booth                                            (b. 1473 d. 1519)

( Rollo Ragnvaldsson is Carolyn Booths 34th Great Grandfather )

This descendants report shows an extraordinary ancestral pedigree line for Sir William Booth son of Sir George Booth and Lady Catherine de Montfort (Gateway Ancestor extraodinair).

I have included this line of descent because it is jam packed with a variety of genetic links. This particular lineage includes no less than 2 Dukes of Normandy, 4 Capetian Kings of France, Anne of Kiev, Adelaide de Vermandois the last Carolingian, and 2 of the greatest medieval Knights in English History, William Marshall and Guy de Beauchamp.

Descendant Report Rollo Viking to Booth PDF.

Click on the above PDF link for full report.

William The Conqueror -King Of England

29th Great Grandfather of Carolyn Booth

WilliamtheConqueror- Bayeaux tapestry

The Norman Invasion of England by William The Conqueror in 1066 as told by the Bayeux Tapestry




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