Fulk V – The King Maker

Fulk V, Count of Anjou – King of Jerusalem – Knights Templar – father of Baldwin lll and Amalric l Kings of Jerusalem, father of Geoffrey V Count of Anjou ( Plantagenet ) Consort of England – and Grandfather of Henry ll King of England.

( 28th Great Grandfather of Carolyn Booth – on de Montfort to Plantagenet Line)

As his titles above suggest, Fulk V was a major historical figure who is quite often overlooked today, primarily due to a number of life events that surrounded his more famous offspring. These very events would ultimately create a huge change in the path of the English royal dynasties and certainly history.

These events have even overshadowed his own importance in history, and his individual achievements, but  have certainly not diminished them in any way or his enormous legacy.  He is often the forgotten father of Geoffrey (Plantagenet) V Count of Anjou, Consort of England, and he was also the paternal grandfather of Henry ll King of England.

Event 1.  Fulk’s daughter Isabela ( also known as Alice )  married William Adelin, son of Henry l and heir to the throne of England,  William Adelin later died in the White Ship disaster. Henry’s daughter Empress Matilda now becomes the rightful heir.

Event 2.  Fulk’s  son Geoffrey V of Anjou (later nicknamed Plantagenet) marries Henry l daughter Matilda (Empress Matilda ) now heir to the English throne, but being a female and now married to an Angevin, the historical enemies of the ruling Norman dynasty,  she was denied being crowned Queen of England.

Her cousin Stephen of Blois another Frenchman and grandson of William the Conqueror had assumed the English throne. A bitter civil war between Matilda and King Stephen ensued for another 15 years.

Event 3. Finally a treaty between King Stephen between Geoffrey V and Empress Matilda would later see their son Henry become the rightful heir, and become, Henry ll King of England in 1154  and the “Plantagenet Dynasty” of Kings was founded and would continue ruling England and its empire for a further 350 years.

King Henry ll

King Henry ll – First Plantagenet King of England – son of Geoffrey V – Angevin

It is interesting to note that had Fulk’s son in law William Adelin ,  not died in tragic  circumstances , His daughter Isabela would have been Queen of England and Fulk’s genetic legacy would have been in the hands of the Norman Dynasty.

In the end, by a twist of fate,  Fulk’s legacy extended a lot further than most people would like to admit even to this day. The Angevin empire he had fortified had taken over England in the form of his Grandson Henry ll and the mighty Plantagenets.

William the Conqueror would not have been happy seeing his legacy of Norman dynastic rule over England and all his hard work eventually handed to an Angevin.

Fulk V a Knights Templar and the King of Jerusalem from 1131, died in 1143. In his extraordinary lifetime, he had become a very powerful Lord, engineered some very fruitful marriages, his own included, and enlarged the Angevin empire and served wholeheartedly in the Crusades as Knights Templar and as King of Jerusalem.

Unfortunately he did not live long enough to see his grandson Henry’s coronation in 1154 or the amazing legacy that he left behind.  I am sure he would have been a very proud old man.

The following is an extraordinary roll of some of Fulk V’s great grandchildren – and as they say the rest is History:-

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  1. Pamela Morse says:

    Most Americans are unaware the France and England were once England..

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