Anne of Kiev – Queen Consort of France

Ann of Kiev

Ann of Kiev

Anna Yaroslavna or Anne of Kiev (between 1024 and 1032 – 1075) – daughter of Yaroslav I the Wise, and Saint Ingegerd Olofsdotter,  both descendants of VIKINGS.

(29th Great Grandmother of Carolyn Booth) – (de Montfort Line continued)

She became the Queen consort of France as the wife of Henry Capet I King of France, and regent for her son Philip I. After the death of his first wife, Matilda, King Henry searched the courts of Europe for a suitable bride, but could not locate a princess who was not related to him within the legal degrees of kinship.

At last he sent an embassy to distant Kiev, (Ukraine) which returned with Anne (also called Agnes or Anna). Anne and Henry were married at the cathedral of Reims on May 19, 1051.

For six years after Henry’s death in 1060, she served as regent for Philip, who was only seven at the time. She was the first queen of France to serve as regent. Her co-regent was Count Baldwin V of Flanders. Anne was a literate woman, rare for the time, but there was some opposition to her as regent on the grounds that her mastery of French was less than fluent.

A year after the king’s death, Anne, acting as regent, took a passionate fancy for Count Ralph III of Valois, a man whose political ambition encouraged him to repudiate his wife to marry Anne in 1062. Accused of adultery, Ralph’s wife appealed to Pope Alexander II, who excommunicated the couple. The young king Philip forgave his mother, which was just as well, since he was to find himself in a very similar predicament in the 1090s. Ralph died in September 1074, at which time Anne returned to the French court. She died in 1075, was buried at Villiers Abbey, La-Ferte-Alais, Essonne and her obits were celebrated on September 5.

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