Cobbers Corner – Fromelles

Percy Cecil Booth

Statue de soldat australiens dans le Parc Mémorial Australien de Fromelles

Statue de soldat australiens dans le Parc Mémorial Australien de Fromelles

Australian Army’s Single Bloodiest Day of War

The Battle of Fromelles  – The 100 year Remembrance Anniversary in 2016 is approaching for this disastrous battle which sadly cost over 5000 lives in a single day and night.

Fortunately our very own Percy Cecil Booth although wounded in this battle survived and continued on the western front and later returned home to Australia.

Below is a Christmas card for Percy wishing him well and a safe return – dated  1916  From  Mr& Mrs W R H Chad, it was printed,  embossed paper with braid binding and a picture of a Stag, quite a unique little card.

We dont know much more about this, the only clues at this stage is the Maori greeting –  “Kia Ora”- Barrraba ,  research has shown up that there was a Lawn Tennis club called    Kia Ora in Barraba, so perhaps they were tennis buddies. Mr William Chad was also the steward for the Methodist Church of Barraba.

We would love to find out more about Mr & Mrs William Robert Hyde Chad.

French news online has published a great article on Australia’s bloodiest day of war and the Anniversary events starting in 2014 and museum openings etc, worth a look ………..

Follow this link below………

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3 Responses to Cobbers Corner – Fromelles

  1. Dianne Chad says:

    I have some details regarding William Robert Hyde CHAD.

    • Hi Dianne,
      thank you for getting in touch.
      We were very curious about this family connection with the Chad family. It would seem that they were close friends.
      it would be great to receive any information regarding the Chad family and the Barraba Days. It sounds like it was a very small but very social community. And would love to hear back from you.

      thank you
      Kindest Regards
      Carolyn Booth

      • Dianne Chad says:

        Hullo Carolyn, I have quite a bit of Chad history for that line including both W.R.H birth (20/4/1871) and marriage of Thomas and Susan (25/12/1866) certificates (copies). Also in a small publication “More Early Settlers in the Nandewars” 4 pages are devoted to Thomas and Susan, parents of W.R.H .Further details about William are also printed as well as a poor copy of his wedding photo. He was a blacksmith in Barraba till 1930, was instrumental in the formation of the Methodist Church Barraba and the Literary Institute. I can’t find anything to connect him to the Booth family, there are no Booths in the Chad Family Tree index. I also have details of W and Susan’s other children. Let me know if you would like copies of any of this information. Maybe the Barraba History Society (that may not be it’s actual title) could be a source of more Booth details.
        Regards, Dianne Chad

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