The Carolingians


Charlemagne – King of the Franks, First Holy Roman Emperor

“Carolingian” – The meaning of  – medieval Latin ” Karolingi” – An altered form of Old High German – “Karling” meaning “descendent of Charles” derives from the latinised name of Charles Martel – The English female equivalent is Carolyn or Caroline.

Carolyn Booth couldn’t believe it when she found out her christian name had a direct link to her very ancient ancestors the Carolingians.  She later told me her mother chose her name after she saw it in a knitting book.

Carolyn’s very ancient Carolingian ancestors are larger than life historical figures and hundreds of books and an enormous amount of online literature is available, I have simply summarized from Wikipedia most details about each descendant and added links for further reading if inclined.    It can be a great history lesson and further exploration of the Carolingian Empire reveals the first Medieval Renaissance of art and architecture, literature and music and scholarly reforms. The illuminations and manuscripts of the time are stunning.

To meet her ancestors click this link – Carolyn and Her Carolingians

carolingian manuscript

Carolingian manuscript

I will keep adding to this section, so keep checking back from time to time.

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