Guy de Beauchamp – Medieval Celebrity & Royal Intrigue

He had the elegant name, was one of the richest men of his time,  was possibly the second greatest knight in English history, was the 10th Earl of Warwick, a highly decorated & rewarded noble,  he was a descendant of William Marshal the “Greatest of all Knights” ……………… and his family held one of the largest castles in England – Warwick Castle – This man was most definately a huge medieval celebrity.

Warwick Castle  was a massive stronghold originally built for William the Conqueror to maintain the Midlands against rebellion, it has been expanded over many centuries. Warwick Castle passed through seven generations of the Beauchamp family, who over the  180 years were responsible for most of the additions made to the castle. It still stands today and is owned by the Merlin Taussauds Group and is a major tourist attraction.

What is most fascinating, is Guy de Beauchamp’s role in the execution of Piers Gaviston the alleged lover of King Edward ll.   Guy de Beauchamp after several  successful attempts to have Gaviston exiled finally prefered to have him captured, imprisoned him in Warwick Castle and had Piers Gaviston executed.

The King pardoned Guy for this , so the question has to be asked ……….what did Guy de Beauchamp have over the King ? It was apparently common knowledge in court of the relationship that existed between the King and Gaviston……….. so it was not the threat of outing the King………….. so how powerful were the Beauchamps to be able to execute the alleged lover of the King and simply get away with it. In medieval times this seems quite extaordinary and Intriguing.

I have to try and find out more about this………..  I will just have to visit Warwick Castle one day and do a Da Vinci Code style investigation….. sounds good to me.

Warwick castle Warwickshire Built by William the Conqueor 1068

Warwick Castle Warwickshire Built by William the Conqueror 1068

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