Mr Booth takes a very expensive wee wee.

(c) National Trust, george-booth-1675e280931758-2nd-earl-of-warrington-and-his-daughter-lady-mary-booth-1704e280931772-later-countess-of-stamford.jpgDunham Massey; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

George Booth-1675 -1758. 2nd Earl of Warrington and his daughter Lady Mary Booth-1704 -1772. Later Countess of Stamford.(c) National Trust. Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

George Booth ( 2nd Earl Of Warrington) Solid Silver Chamber pot sells at Auction for £10,450 in London in 1984.

Chamber Pot - London

Chamber Pot – London

This silver chamber pot above, weighs just over 1kg and is 7” or 18cm in Diameter with engraved  Booth Coat of Arms – one would think this is just the right size for a noble wee wee in the middle of the night.

Now this is indulgent , being able to toilet into a solid sterling silver bowl.

Before toilets as we know them today, the chamber pot or bed pan was a bowl-shaped container with a handle, and often a lid, kept in the bedroom under a bed or in the cabinet of a nightstand and generally used as a toilet at night.

Some other items recorded sold at auction from the original Dunham Massey silver collection …………..

Dinner Plates

Dinner Plates

12 Sliver Dinner plates above made in London 1728 – P. Archambo I  for George  Booth 2nd Earl of Warrington – sold 1983 for £41,800

Booth Silver Toilet service

Also above a finely designed Toilet service – a selection made ( 1728 London – by Liger) for either Mary Countess of Warrington or daughter Lady Mary Booth, only child and heiress to George Booth 2nd Earl of Warrington. Sold 1966 £14,500

Images Courtesy of Sotheby’s publication- The Sotheby’s Directory of Silver 1600 – 1940 , by Vanessa Brett

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