Royal Descent – Gateway Ancestors

Bloodlines – Bilateral and Cognatic Descent

Bust of Charlemagne

Bust of Charlemagne

Most people would be surprised to learn that many middle class English and also those of English parentage, more than likely have some ancestral link to nobility. For example today there are known to be over 150,000 legitimate descendants of King Edward lll. Genealogists consider Edward lll a major gateway ancestor, and a bit like Grand Central Station, get to him and you will be on the main lines to most of the royalty of the Middle Ages.

The Booths also fall into this category of what is called “Ancestry Grand Central Station”, when they marry 3 particular ladies of nobility –  all three having distinct lines leading to nobility and royalty of the Middle Ages , throughout what we know today as England, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain.   Read More in Royal DescentClick Link.

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